Minecraft Pig

This is the Minecraft Pig Face as apart of our 'Minecraft' Collection within the Kids Canvas Range. Minecraft is becoming an obsession for most children within the UK! So we have decided to do some amazing vibrant canvases for anyone who has children that are Minecraft Mad!

So if you are thinking of doing up your son or daughters room with a Minecraft theme then look no further! These amazing prints come in one size and a choice of thicknesses and are a very vibrant colour and finish.

The Canvas is made with the same High Quality materials and we use our amazing 12 Ink High Definition Epson Print to great this amazing canvas. Each canvas is framed on our High Quality 38mm thick Gallery Frame for that WOW finish.

The Canvas is a square size and comes in 1 size;

12x12" (30.4cm x 30.4cm)

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